Sponsorship Information

Kansas CCIM Chapter Platinum Sponsorship Benefits

The Kansas CCIM Chapter's Mission Statement is to be THE Voice for commercial real estate in Kansas and to support our members through the use of technology, networking and educational opportunities in order to better serve our clients, communities and colleagues.

  1. You are identified as a Platinum Sponsor and your company, contact names, telephone, fax and e-mail is posted on the Kansas CCIM Chapter web site (http://ccimconnect.com/kansaschapter) and on the calendar of events.

  2. Your company name is listed on a special Platinum Sponsor Signs and which are displayed at all Chapter events.

  3. We will display company banners with your company logo at all events if provided 3 days before the event or if we inventory your special signage.

  4. Right to distribute your companies’ corporate literature and promotional materials to attendees of all events and or have company booth setup.

  5. Platinum Sponsors will have the first right to advertisement placement in the Kansas CCIM Chapter Directory or publications.

  6. Up to two members from your company may attend all Kansas CCIM Chapter events.

  7. Up to two-member golf entries in the annual tournament. Special distinctive Platinum Sponsor golf signs displayed on three tees boxes.

  8. Education events with national educators, attendees to pay only royalty costs.

  9. Platinum Sponsors will be listed on all Kansas CCIM Chapter event notices, which is sent to 400+/- individuals and or companies and in Chapter advertisements in Wichita Business Journals publications, The Wichita Eagle and in the WBJ Leasing Guide publications.

  10. As a Platinum Sponsor your company will be printed on tent cards may be placed on tabletops.

  11. Your company will be introduced and recognized as a Platinum Sponsor at all events

  12. Your representative can give a short presentation before the introduction of the featured speaker for certain event if desired. (Please contact the President in advance of the event.)

  13. Annually, a letter from the President of the Kansas CCIM Chapter will acknowledging your companies support encouraging the membership to utilize the services of Platinum Sponsors. This notice will be sent to 400+/- individuals and companies.

Platinum Sponsorship Value

$900   3   Luncheon Sponsorships
$600   2   Equity Marketing Meetings
$600   2   Leasing Mall Meetings
$1,000   1   Annual Meeting & Award
$500   2   CCIM Events including Cocktail Parties
$500   1   Two Golf Tournament Entries & Special Signs
$300   1   Four Entries in Shooting Clays Tournament
$300   1   Four Entries in Bowling Tournament
$500   1   Education Event Sponsorship
$1,000       Listing in over $10,000 of advertising WBJ & Eagle
$1,000   50+   Chapter Ads & Event Notification Letters to 400+/-

A $7,500 Value

For more information, please contact a chapter representative.

Programs, events, activities, and services are subject to change, the above outline is an example of what we provide, but is not but guaranteed, the value of the promotions is not diminished by substitutions or changes in events or activities.